Lands of wine

Pergola vineyards, just like a garden, stretching for more than 2.700 hectares across an area which has always been suited to wine production.

Our vineyards extend over an area of more than 2.700 hectares, from the coastal hills to the slopes of the Maiella, in a typically Mediterranean climate, which is temperate with notable temperature fluctuations (both throughout the year due to the presence of the Maiella massif, as well as during the day) which give optimal conditions for the build up of aromatic compounds, producing high quality grapes. Our production exclusively focuses on typical and indigenous grape varieties of the region, cultivated in the traditional method on pergolas, with a pursuit of experimentation both in the field and in the cellar.


A medium vigour grape variety with late ripening, which prefers deep soil, good exposure, and a temperate and dry climate. Medium growth cultivation methods are used as well as medium-short pruning. The resulting wines are characterised by their ruby red colour, are well-suited to ageing, have a fruity aroma and dry and warm flavours, with balanced tannins.


With high vigour and high yields, this variety loves light, siliceous-calcareous, gravel-rich soils with a good exposure. Short pruning produces consistent yields. The wine has an intense straw-yellow colour and a light aroma with fruity and floral notes, whilst the flavour is dry, soft and balanced with a slight almond after taste.


Medium-low vigour grape variety, with an early ripening period, which prefers calcareous or clayey soils. Produces a white wine with a strong straw-yellow colour, and good mineral notes and length. The aroma evokes tropical fruits and white flowers – acacia, jasmine and Spanish broom – with spicy notes if harvested when fully ripe.


This high vigour, late ripening grape produces a straw-yellow wine with golden hues, a fruity and floral aroma, and a full and dry flavour. With good acidity, this grape lends itself to both sparkling and raisin wine processes.


A grape variety with an abundant and constant yield. It prefers medium growth cultivation methods and medium pruning. The wine has a straw-yellow colour and a delicate aroma, with notes of white spring flowers and citrus aromas.


From the white vinification of the Montepulciano grapes, after a brief contact with its skins during the pressing phase, another great Abruzzo classic is born: the Cerasuolo. Its name derives from 'cerasa', cherry in the regional dialect, a fruit that the Cerasuolo evokes both in color and in perfume with notes of violet, red fruit, raspberry and licorice. On the palate it is full but lively, well balanced in acidity and with an almond aftertaste. It goes perfectly with tasty fish dishes, white meats and semi-aged cheeses. Excellent with red pizza, poetry with fish broth.


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