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Welcome to Abruzzo
“I like on the table, / when we’re speaking,the light of a bottle / of intelligent wine”

Pablo Neruda,  Ode to wine, 1954



Red Wine

In this region, red means Montepulciano d’Abruzzo DOP. Just one variety, grown in the region since the 1700s, producing a number of different wines united by an intense ruby colour and the smell of ancient gardens

Rosé Wine

Made from Montepulciano grapes using off-skin fermentation, the Cerasuolo d’Abruzzo DOP is a rosé with a strong personality, which takes its name from its cherry-red colour. Full flavour and good length, aroma of ripe fruit and spices

White Wine

A tasting of the local multi-award winning whites: from the C’Incanta Trebbiano, winner of the Tre Bicchieri prize of the Gambero Rosso Vini d’Italia wine guide, to the Chardonnay, a cosmopolitan wine happily rooted in the Abruzzo climate, to the emerging Pecorino, the Passerina and the mysterious Cococciola

Sparkling Wine

Something’s bubbling in Abruzzo, and the world of sparkling wines is no exception.
Research and experimentation are producing wonderful fruits and our sparkling wines are continuing to grow

Bio & Vegan

Sono 50 i viticoltori di Cantina Tollo impegnati sul fronte del bio. I loro vigneti si estendono dalle colline del litorale alle pendici della Maiella per 237 ettari, di cui 123 dedicati alla coltivazione delle uve del Montepulciano

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