!!! Important message

February 3, 2023

On January 30th, 2023 an IT attack on the data center that hosts some of our Company's IT systems compromised the use of some of our main services. In the last few days we have been doing everything necessary to fix the situation in order to avoid further consequences on the privacy and security of the personal data of our customers and our company. Following that event, necessary measures were put in place to remedy possible violations of personal data. In the meantime, to allow us to better manage what happened, the affected systems have been deactivated and isolated from the network. These measures, while involving the interruption of some services for a limited period of time, are necessary to avoid the increasing of the the consequences of the attack. For further information or clarifications, please contact ced@cantinatollo.it We apologize for the inconvenience, we will communicate any updates as soon as further evidence becomes available following the analyzes in progress. This communication is also made in accordance to and for the purposes of the provisions of art. 34 of the reg. EU 2016/679 (GDPR).